Get Your Cray On…It’s the End of the Year!

I saw (and subsequently bought) a t-shirt with this tagline for the 100th Day of School, and have seen ones revised to reflect the end of the year. LOVE IT. It’s so accurate. I teach kinder-babies (just stop, this is NOT the easiest job in the world and unless you’re ACTUALLY a teacher you have no idea what it actually entails), so the end of May essentially means that all my kiddos are acting like it’s last August and forgetting what they need to act like at school. Exhausting, folks. But, I love them and learn from them and they help me in ways they will never know.

Anyway, because it’s the end of the year we have so much going on — field trips, field day, spring room transformation, awards, not to mention all the assessing and report card completing (Do I have to have hard-copy evidence for all those grades, boss? I mean, I can tell you exactly who is ready to move on and who needs a little more time to bake…). In my classroom, I don’t do a kindergarten graduation, instead I “transform” the room into a “Kinder Garden” and have tons of themed stations and props so the kids can have fun AND show off their kindergarten skills to the families we invite in to participate. Personally, I feel like this is more meaningful and fun (No disrespect to those who plan and execute the kindergarten graduations! I just go a different route.) I’ll do a more in-depth post about room transformations at some other point.

Because I don’t do a graduation, I don’t give out kindergarten diplomas either (because not all my babies are ready for first grade, and I don’t want to have them feeling left out). Instead, I just do year-completion awards (“Hoot-Hoot-Hooray” for this year’s batch) and other awards for “Super Readers” (if they did their reading logs all year long), “Sight Word Masters” (if they mastered all their sight words), “Mad Math Skills”, “Amazing Artists”, etc. I just give these awards out in class after our room transformation but before the last day so I can be sure all students will get theirs since attendance towards the end of the year can be a little…sketchy, sometimes. As such, I was on Amazon the other day looking for fun awards to order and came across these babies!


*The award cards, not the flowers. Those are for the Kinder Garden.

They are SCRATCH-OFF AWARDS! Clearly, I’m completely enamored with these and though they probably aren’t hot off the presses, I never knew they existed and think they are so awesome! On the back of each card I wrote what the award was for, and then on the caption box on the front you just write what the reward will be (bubbles, sunglasses, splash balls) and put the scratch-off sticker over top of your writing. I’m pretty sure I’m much more excited about these than even my kids will be, but come on. So cool!

If you’re remotely interested, you can find them if you search “Eureka Dr. Seuss Assorted Scratch Off Reward Cards, Package of 24″ on Amazon :).

If you’re a teacher like me, good luck with the end of your year!

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