“Kinder Garden” room transformation

I do these “room transformations” about three times a year at this point (one per trimester). The idea is to make our classroom feel different than “normal” and let the kids learn and show their skills in ways that are different from our routine. This year, I did a Super Hero transformation in the fall, a Mt. Learns-a-Lot (camping) transformation in the winter, yesterday did the “Kinder Garden” (haha, get it?) one for spring. I’ve done a construction-themed one before, and have lofty goals for a dinosaur one at some point…But back to the most recent!

The kids usually LOVE these days, especially because in addition to the activities I have some sort of prop for them to wear. Yesterday it was either an insect mask, flower shaped sunglasses, or butterfly or flower headbands. I also changed the groupings of their tables and covered them with bright tablecloths and vases of fake flowers, and hung bird die-cuts and big pom-pom flowers from the ceiling. My piece-de-resistance this time was that I turned the annoying column in the middle of our classroom into a tree! Last year when I did this, my husband build picket fence sections for me, so those get good use as well. I hung fake ivy from the doorways, and decorated into the hall a little bit so my kiddos knew right away something was happening! And of course, I had a bunch of spring/garden-themed literacy stations prepped for them to rotate through.

Not gonna lie, doing these takes a LOT of work and typically I stay super late the night before to get everything set (and it’s a bitch to pack it all back up once it’s over). I know it doesn’t result in a television-worthy set, and doesn’t even come close to what they pull off at RCA, but I’m generally pretty proud of the outcome and what my students demonstrate. It also lets me be creative and keep my kiddos guessing about our days :-).

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