A “thank you” really matters

Teaching, like many professions, is often a thankless job. But it’s a calling, so even without a thank you, most of us would never think of doing anything else. Even so, when a family does take a little time out of their day to say thank you, it means so much. More than any physical token they could give me. Recently, a family sent me this message:

[Teacher], I was a little worried about [younger son] at the beginning of the school year because he is very active and I thought maybe it was going to be a bit difficult for him to follow the rules. But I have seen a great change during the year and I know that is mostly because you were his teacher. I see him more calm, following the rules, organized with his homework, always interested in everything he learns at school and that makes me very happy. You were a great teacher to [older son] and an awesome teacher to [younger son]. Thanks!

This quick note made my day. It made my week. I can’t take full credit for all the growth their son showed throughout the year, but I’m happy and grateful to have been a part of it. So I messaged them back thanking them for their kind words, and telling them how much I loved being a teacher to both their boys.

“Thank you” makes a big difference in people’s hearts.

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