At our counseling appointment on Tuesday, the therapist brought up trying EMDR. Has anyone ever heard of that? I hadn’t, but she explain it to us and also gave us some papers about it to read before we decided to try it. As I understand it, it’s a type of therapy where the whole brain is encouraged to process a traumatic event, rather than just the left brain (that is stimulated during talk therapy alone).

I’m interested in the process and am open to trying it, but also a little wary about what it might bring about. There’s also a part of me that kind of wonders if the therapist is partially stuck on what to do with us (not that I mean to demean or diminish her training, knowledge, and skill). I’m just not well-versed in going to therapy. And it kind of feels awkward sometimes, like we’re talking in circles.

But I do want to continue, as least through the summer, to make sure I’m on as emotionally stable ground as possible before starting a new school year. And I’m grateful to have found this therapist. And since how I’m feeling about the miscarriage and loss of the baby varies from day to day.

Anyway, if you (like me) are interested in the process and theory of EMDR, you can check it out here: EMDR International Association


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