Honeymoon rewind, pt 1.

This time last summer, hubs and I were on our Pacific Northwest road trip honeymoon. The trip ended up being about nine days long, (one day for the in, one day for the out, and seven days in between) and it was exhausting but amazing. We moved locations every day, with the exception of Crater Lake where we stayed two nights. We had a bunch of things pre-planned to do/see, but some were spur-of-the-moment and they often turned out to be better than we planned.

We intended on flying into the Seattle airport midday, and having time to sight-see there before heading out to our first overnight on the coast. Thanks to stopovers, eight delays, and an eventually cancellation, we ended up barely having time to snap a couple pictures of the Space Needle and the outside of Chihuly Garden and Glass; which was a bummer. One day, hopefully we’ll be able to go back and actually spend time there.

As a result of the delays-upon-delays, cancellation, and my lovely sinus infection, I may have had slight panic attack as we headed out of the city. I was just so upset and frustrated! Trust me, I am not proud of it. Even though I knew all the trip issues weren’t my fault, I felt like they were and felt so guilty about it. Thankfully, that little meltdown was the lowest point of the entire trip — and though we were so tired by the time we got to the little beachside town that was our first night’s lodging, the next morning things were much brighter (literally and figuratively).

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