Honeymoon rewind, pt. 4

In the morning we headed inland from the coast towards Portland. We drove through Tillamook State Forest on winding roads, and stopped at the Tillamook Forest Center (unplanned). The forest center had some great exhibits, my personal favorite being the fire tower they had erected out front where you could climb up and see how fire fighters used to live for months at a time while keeping an eye on the forest. Honorable mention goes to the suspension bridge they have there — definitely worth a stop if you’re out that way!

More info: Tillamook Forest Center

From there we continued into Portland proper. We attempted the line at Voodoo Donuts, but eventually decided it wasn’t that important to us, so we moved on. We stayed in the caboose car at Caravan Tiny House Hotel, which I was ridiculously excited about! It really was so cool, this little caravan compound right in the Alberta Arts District with great walking proximity to so many other places. They even had a teardrop trailer displayed out front, which they rented out to people for camping. Had we had our own car and not a rental, we definitely would have rented one — I’ve been trying to find a place back home that does that, but no such luck as of yet. (Side note: Caravan had an agreement with the Radio Room restaurant right across the street for “room service” — we did it in the morning and it was delicious!)


Check it out: Caravan — Tiny House Hotel

We met up with an old friend of my husband’s for dinner, and then went to a pie bar for dessert. I didn’t even know that was a thing! They gave us a local tip for a stop before we completely left Portland behind the next morning, and once again the whim proved worth it!

I have a loosely formed idea in my head about other places to go/things to see in Portland if we even go back — fingers crossed!

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