Honeymoon rewind, pt. 6

The next morning after we set off from the slightly-creepy-but-also-slightly-upscale-somehow spur-of-the-minute lodgings, we made two pit stops on our way to Bandon, Oregon. The first was to Devil’s Punch Bowl State Natural Area. This was a short stop, but pretty cool because as you can see from the picture below, the “punch bowl” is HUGE. Shout-out to the stranger who helped to show scale.


We continued south and next stopped at Cape Perpetua to see Thor’s Well. There were signs all over the place about continuing at your own risk. Initially it seemed overkill to me, but then I saw the massive geysers that were produced when the waves crashed into the “wells” and shot up and out. Then I had no problem picturing someone accidentally getting in the way of those and knocked out to sea.

From Thor’s Well we drove through until we got to Bandon and saw the sunshine! I’m pretty sure the only reason Bandon was a stopping place was because somewhere I read it was a cute little beachside town along the Pacific. I’ll be honest, we didn’t really see a bunch of it, and our motel was quite shabby, BUT it was right by the oceanfront and that made up for a lot!

We spent the afternoon and early evening walking the beach, climbing on the gigantic beach rocks, investigating the massive amounts of very large driftwood accumulated along the beach, and geeking out over the sea lions we saw! Okay, it’s possible that last one was just me. There were also sea caves and plant life growing on the giant beach rocks, as well as a good chunk of time spent walking in the water (also, mostly me). Completely irrelevant, but I had a great marionberry-based cider that night with dinner, too.

Sidenote: Prior to visiting the Pacific Northwest, I had no idea what a marionberry was — now, I’m pretty much adore them and any culinary off-shoots.


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