If you stay

Since finding out about this newest pregnancy, I’ve been writing notes to the baby. Short ones, mainly trying to convince it to stay put. I know that logically this doesn’t make sense, and that if this baby manages to go full term and end up in my arms, it won’t be because I wrote it notes. But it helps me to feel like I’m doing something.

“If you stay”, I write, “you can lick the beater after I make batter or dough. If you stay, your daddy will build you an amazing tree house. If you stay, we’ll take you to see fireworks. If you stay, you’ll have a calm bedroom just for you. If you stay, we’ll read you good books and sing you lullabies. If you stay, you can run around the yard barefoot and play with big sticks and use your imagination to its full potential. If you stay, we’ll mess up sometimes, sure, but we’ll love you and do the very best we can by you. Please stay, baby.”

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