OB-GYN feedback survey, comments section

Apparently, this new OB-GYN sends out feedback surveys after appointments. When it came to the comments section, I was ambivalent at first about writing what I ultimately wrote, because I didn’t want to come off as accusatory or aggressive. But then I thought, if I don’t educate (my counselor’s word) them as to what was crap, it won’t change. And maybe if I say something, another woman won’t have to. Ultimately, I decided I’d rather come off as aggressive and bitchy and make myself known, than to be passive and say nothing. After all, according to some recent taglines, bitches get stuff done.

Comments: In general, I appreciate that I received a pelvic exam and an ultrasound as I was very afraid when I came in that I was having another miscarriage. The initial nurse I saw and the ultrasound technician were very kind, but the nurse practitioner felt condescending. As a woman who has miscarried in the last six months, it’s acceptable (and should be expected) that I will be worried and emotional throughout my current pregnancy, especially because I now know that nothing is guaranteed. Personally, I didn’t need to hear how “common” it is, how it likely won’t happen again, or how something was wrong with the baby. I’ve heard all of these things ad nauseum, and they are not helpful or kind. Being emotional over my previous loss and current fears does not mean I don’t understand. Since my loss, I’ve done a great deal of research to fill in the blanks, so I am aware of the statistics and odds. Thank you for your future consideration and I look forward to my next appointment to ensure that this pregnancy is continuing the way it should.

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