Are we out of the woods yet/Are we in the clear yet

I know that we aren’t out of the woods yet, or completely in the clear. Despite the feeling of such relief at finding out March baby was doing well at our twelve week scan, and that the chances of miscarrying now are significantly lower, hubs and I are both aware that, really, there is no out of the woods until the baby is in our arms. We know there isn’t actually a guarantee in pregnancy. We know that small percentages still come to fruition.

But despite the dark knowledge we now have, and will have forever, I still feel stronger with each week that passes; and I tell myself the baby is continuing to get stronger, too. I’m thinking about how we’re going to announce the pregnancy this time, and when we’ll actually do it. I want March to hurry up and get here,  but then again, not until we’ve gotten the nursery together. I’m thinking over my winter break for that, but I’m itching to get some things now!

We’re still in the woods, but we can see the sunlight through the trees, and so it’s really not so bad right now.

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