Back-to-school book recommendations


Source: Goodreads

This was a bit slow to start for me, but so glad I stuck it out! Reminded me of “Britt-Marie Was Here”, which I loved.


Source: Goodreads

Confession — I only read this after I saw the Netflix movie. It’s written completely in the format of letters, which I wasn’t sure I could get in to at first. But, again, I’m glad I stuck it out.


Source: Goodreads

Third in series, “Me Before You” and “After You” came before. I honestly only started the series because I was in an airport waiting for a flight and needed a book. I didn’t actually expect to like it, but I did!


Source: Goodreads

Hubs and I love Parks and Rec, and at some point I remembered that Amy Poehler had written a “memoir”. This one’s random, a little quirky, but has surprising moments of soulfulness. Worth it :-).

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