Aaaah, new book pile

Although I have been trying to use the library more, sometimes it’s just so nice to get some new books you don’t have to return (I’m a bit notorious for late fees).

Lucky for me, Hubs and my mom gifted me some new books/B&N gift cards for Christmas and my birthday, so I’ve now got a whole delightful stack waiting to be read!


I’ll let you know how they are!

I’ve also now got a newly refurbished waiting-in-the-wings book list for when I need to start up with the library again. Here are a few from that list:

The Someday Jar — Allison Morgan

This is How it Always is — Laurie Frankel

The Hate U Give — Angie Thomas

Sugar — Kimberly Stuart

Marilla of Green Gables — Sarah McCoy

The Shadows We Hide — Allen Eskens

The Bookshop — Penelope Fitzgerald

In Her Bones — Kate Moretti

The Home for Unwanted Girls — Joanna Goodman

…and several teacher-y books 🙂

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